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About Us

WishYoo has been built by hikers.

When we decided to create WishYoo, at the beginning it was all about convenience, but the longer we hiked, the more we realized that a solution was needed to the paper card industry. And it had to be a solution that would add value to the person who receives the card, the person who takes the initiative of making it, and (of course) to everyone who would sign it.

Team nature

It’s estimated that more than 5 million trees are destroyed every year to make greeting cards. The industry itself estimates that 90% of the Paper cards people receive, are thrown away in less than a week…that is a cycle that made no sense to us. The cards we get are from people who care about us, and technology can replicate the traditional experience of signing and receiving a card more sustainable and <b>eco-friendly</b>

In 2018 WishYoo received its first patent for an ecard that can be handwritten and add voices y other features. Today, we are the best option for those who want to deliver a greater emotional “punch” and share with family and friends the joy of collaborating to a meaningful experience.

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