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Why do I need to create an account?
Having a WishYoo account will allow you to create ecards that others can join and enjoy. A personal account is always free, and we won’t send you emails you don’t request. It’s a promise.
How do I invite others to sign my card?
When you finish creating your ecard, just click on the INVITE button and a link will be copied into your clipboard. Paste that link on a text message or email and send it to those who are welcome to sign your card. You can also copy/paste the encrypted URL or web address.
How do I create a WishYoo Card?
Create an account on WishYoo and buy one or more cards.

Then, click the “New Card” button on the home page and follow the prompts. They are very intuitive and easy to follow.

Once you have created your card, invite others to sign it. When everyone has signed, click on the “Features” button that you will see on the card page and then “SEND” to place the email of the lucky recipient.
How can I re-do my signature?
If you think you need to change your dedication, click the Edit button on the card (same place where you found the Sign button) and follow the prompts. Easy as pie.
How do I send the card to the recipient?
Send card
You will be able to send you ard manually if you have selected this option during the card creation process. To send your card, you will have to click the card menu and then the “Send” icon. A popup will appear on your screen, asking for the recipient’s email and your name. This set of buttons is only visible to the creator and not to others who sign the card.
How does the card appear to the recipient when they receive the email?
email example
The recipient receives an email from WishYoo like the image you can see on the right.

By clicking on any part of the email the recipient is directed to an animation like the one you can see here
How much does this cost?
We believe Group greetings should be accessible to everyone, and that’s why our prices are the lowest you will find. See here
For teachers and educators worldwide, our cars are (and will always be) free.
Can I use a WishYoo card to send a message person-to-person?
Of course, you can create a card that comes from you, and only you. We made this possible by displaying the first message in the card really big and centered. So if you are planning a St. Valentine’s day or if your message needs to be very private, you can use our cards too.
What about privacy?
Privacy is always in our mind and all our card URLS are totally encrypted. When you create a card and share it, only the people you invite to sign it will have access to it.

The title of a WishYoo Group Card does not require to contain a name, and those who sign it can use their first name or an alias. Most of our cards have titles like “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations from all of us”, etc.

After everyone has signed, the card will be sent to the recipient who will recognize who has signed’s basically the same way that a paper card works.
Can everybody see the ecard I create?
WishYoo cards are private and can only be accessed by the people you invite to participate. Cards have encrypted URLS, so no extranger will be able to see the cards you create.
What’s different about WishYoo Cards?
We are the only group greeting card that includes a voice component, handwritten dedications, and a co-gifting feature. But what truly sets us apart is that WishYoo cards can become as big as you want and retain the power and look of traditional cards when they are received.
What’s in it for people who create WishYoo Cards?
WishYoo saves you time, money, and energy. And when you see the reaction of your loved ones as they open their WishYoos, it will also bring you joy.

You’re creating a memorable experience that your friends and family will keep and treasure, and you’ll help save a bunch of trees. Win-win!
What’s in it for people invited to sign a WishYoo Card?
Everyone gets a sweet deal! they get to send their best wishes to your loved ones absolutely for free! You save them time, money, and hassle.
What’s in it for the person who receives the WishYoo?
A lot. Receiving a WishYoo Card with all of your loved one’s signatures is something very special. Technology makes it possible to combine the traditional look and feel with the added value that allows everyone to participate and preserve those memories forever.