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WishYoo Cards were inspired by one simple concept: from many to one. A WishYoo Card is limitless, and contains your loved one’s best wishes, pictures and voices. A WishYoo card can include a gift to be purchased from many contributions, or can be donate to any charity or cause worldwide.
WishYoo is normally misspelled as Wishyou or Wishyou Card.
It’s so easy and FUN.
First signup using your Facebook or twitter account if you have one.
Select a Category and a cover image for your card…or upload your own.
Add a central image and select the features you’ll include: signatures, voices or a gift or donation.
Select who can sign… anyone or only friends and family.
Sign and share the invitation link with those invited.
WishYoo is normally misspelled as Wishyou or Wishyou Card.
If you set your WishYoo to “public,” any other user will be able to see it and participate. These types of WishYoos are normally used for public movements and fund raising events.

However, you can choose to make your WishYoo private. In that case only the people you invite will be able to find the card and join.
We believe WishYoo Cards should be accessible to everyone, and that’s why our prices are the lowest you will find.
For teachers and educators worldwide, our cars are (and will always be) free.

That’s a bargain worth wishing for.
With WishYoo, there are no limits.

We are the only greeting platform that contains a voice component, handwritten dedications, and a co-gifting feature, but what truly sets us apart is that WishYoos are from everyone. You can invite the entire world to sign the WishYoo Card you send to your friend on his graduation. Try doing that with an e-card or paper card.
WishYoo saves you time, money, and energy. And when you see the reaction of your loved ones as they open their WishYoos, it will also bring you joy.

You’re creating a memorable experience that your friends and family will keep and treasure, and you’ll help save a bunch of trees. Win-win!
Everyone gets a sweet deal! they get to send their best wishes to your loved ones absolutely for free! You save them time, money, and hassle.
WishYoo is normally misspelled as Wishyou or Wishyou Card.
A lot…

…the experience of receiving a WishYoo Card with all of your loved one’s voices singing Happy Birthday, shouting mazel tov, or wishing you a feliz navidad…

…the heartwarming joy of exploring a limitless board filled with the handwritten personal dedications and photos of the good times you’ve shared…

…the excitement and surprise of opening one special, crowd-funded gift that you will really love (the days of getting 10 pairs of socks on your birthday are over!)…

…and the awe and gratitude that comes from seeing all your loved ones gather to create one special WishYoo just for you.

Make sure you say thanks…there’s a WishYoo Card for that!