Join the true evolution of the greeting card and help us create a greener future

What’s on a WishYoo e-card?

  • Voice messages that you can make into a chorus
  • A limitless board with dedications and pictures
  • A Group Gift or Donation Campaign
  • A memento meant to be kept forever

How much does it cost?

We want the world to experience the magic of WishYoo Cards, so we decided to make all features of our platform absolutely free!


Add a personal voice message to your signature or join voices together to form a common chant like this one:   

Handwritten messages

From all your friends and family on a limitless card! They can include pictures of the times you have shared.

Gift / Donations

WishYoo makes it easier to purchase meaningful gifts by sharing the cost with others invited to participate ...even better, you can donate your card to your favorite charity.

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