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How WishYoo works

No technical skills required

Create a WishYoo card using our online card maker. Share a private invitation among family and friends, to gather signatures and dedications in a jiffy, from near and far.

Our patented group greeting card puts all those dedications together in a beautiful format that looks exactly like a traditional paper greeting card that you can download and print.

Oh, and if you want to donate your card to one of our featured charities, you will get it for free.

Create a Card
See How

Create a card and chose its features

Invite others to sign and watch it grow

Send your card and download & print.


#1. When you create a card you can add a common gift that others will help you buy.


#2. Invite others to sign by sending a private link via email or text


#3. Send the card online to the recipient and download it as an image you can keep and print.

Any device

Use any device to create or sign a card. No need to download apps

Joining is easy

There is no need to sign up or provide an email to sign your WishYoo card

Add a gift or donate

Chipping in for a group gift is very easy and has no additional fees. See How