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How WishYoo works

The easiest group card anyone can create, share and enjoy

Create a new card only takes 1-2 minutes for a new user. Once the card is made, send the invitation link to those who will sign it. They don’t need to provide an email to write their dedication and can use any device to do so.

Once all signatures are in, use the icons on the screen to send the final card to the lucky recipient. The card will open up on the screen with a nice animation that will introduce all the messages and images in it.

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Create a card and chose its features

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Black women

Invite others to sign and watch it grow

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Send your card and order a printable PDF..


#1. When you create a card you can add a common gift that others will help you buy.


#2. Invite others to sign by sending a private link via email or text


#3. Send the card online to the recipient and download it as an image you can keep and print.


Any device

Use any device to create or sign a card. No need to download apps


Joining is easy

There is no need to sign up or provide an email to sign your WishYoo card

WishYoo ecard creation flow

Add a gift or donate

Chipping in for a group gift is very easy and has no additional fees. See How