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Charity Partners

WishYoo is an online greeting card maker that Charities and non-for-profits use to raise funds. Crete, share and send personalize and funny collaborative electronic cards for Birthdays, anniversaries and any other ocassion.

But, that’s not all.

We also include gifts and donate your cars to any charity worldwide. Choose one of our featured charities or upload your own.

What’s a charity partner?
Partners are those charities that invite supporters to donate their birthday cards by using our patented platform. A Charity partner does not pay any processing fees or commission and neither do its donors... Zero, Zilch, Zip, Nada.
How does a Charity partner with WishYoo?
Your institution must register as a partner by contacting After we verify your credentials, we’ll provide you with a personalized button (QR code or link) that will retain your charity information and donation webpage. Anyone who clicks that button will create a WishYoo card, which will already have your image and donation information embedded in it. If you prefer any other implementation, let us know and we’ll try to do our best to make it happen.
What are the requirements for registering?
You must be a legal registered charity in your country. WishYoo will conduct a search to verify the veracity of your registration. After that we would like you to display your “Donate your birthday” button somewhere in your website or Social Media pages. However, if you consider using WishYoo for any other types of actions, we’re fine with it.
What’s in it for WishYoo?
Well…as we said, we don’t get any fee, cut or commission for the donations you’ll gather. We’ll just redirect the traffic to your official donation website. And yes…our spouses are not happy about that, but it’s not in our DNA to tax the money that is supposed to help others. We hope that one day people will like WishYoo so much that they will use it for their own birthdays and other celebrations. Only then we’ll be able to ditch our old clunkers.
Can I design my own e-cards?
Of course. Send us your ideas and our creative department will give you a hand.
Can our corporate partners be featured on our e-cards?
Yes. We can do this in 3 different ways, so it will be easier to have a conversation about it to determine the best fit for your needs