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WishYoo cards are used everyday to boost employee engagement, camaraderie and even customer care.

Gallup found this year that the overall percentage of "engaged" workers in the U.S. during 2020 is 36%. Peer-to-peer recognition matters as much as managerial recognition.

In addition, brands use WishYoo as a white-label ecard that allows them to personalize the experience of receiving a card, by creating their own image collection and landing site appearance. See an example here

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Patient cards can be a key component of the overall patient’s experience. Hospitals can create a beautiful “Feel Better” cards that will be signed by family and friends privately and without any disclosure of the patient’s information.

Don’t want to have the WishYoo logo on your cards? No problem! We can place your own logo in every one of your cards in the top left corner of the screen.

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Charities worldwide will never pay for WishYoo cards. Period.

WishYoo has partnered with multitude of charities worldwide to help diversify their fundraising capabilities. Through our free greeting cards, charities can expose their organization to new potential donors and boost public awareness around their mission and work.

Charitable organizations can also sell Wishyoo cards to their constituents or request to be featured on our platform.

When users choose a featured charity, the donation link will redirect everyone who signs to that organization’s donation website.

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Kids party venues & entertainers

WishYoo is not an ephemerous invitation to a birthday party.

Our birthday cards are preserved long after the party is over, making them a powerful marketing tool that will bring back the best memories.

A WishYoo card you give away to a family, guarantees that extra customer care all parents appreciate.

When friends and family members join an online birthday card for free, it becomes convenient and a perfect way to convey the love of those who will attend the party and those who will not.


Brands work with WishYoo to create customized sponsored campaigns that offer special placement, graphic elements or entire card categories on the WishYoo platform.

You can personalized designs, redirect users to your online store and offer free cards to customers and constituents.

A group ecard is mostly shared in the community, but they can also reach friends and family in places across the country and across the world.