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HR departments use WishYoo cards internally to celebrate and boost employee engagement, camaraderie and even customer care.

In addition, corporations like hospitals,charities and children’s franchises use WishYoo to solve specific needs.

Gallup found this year that the overall percentage of "engaged" workers in the U.S. during 2020 is 36%. Peer to peer recognition matters as much as managerial recognition. According to a Globoforce survey and these programs tend to have a much greater financial impact for the companies that implement them.
If your company values innovation, it’s a good idea to recognize and reward employees who deserve it.


Patient cards can be a key component of the overall patient’s experience. Hospitals can create a beautiful “Feel Better” cards that will be signed by family and friends privately and without any disclosure of the patient’s information.


WishYoo partners with multitude of charities worldwide to diversify their fundraising capabilities and marketing tools.

By selling cards or enacting donation campaigns, charitable organizations use Wishyoo group cards that protect the environment and engage the public.

Kids party venues & entertainers

WishYoo is not an ephemerous invitation to a birthday party.

Our e-greeting cards are preserved long after the party is over, making them a powerful marketing tool that will bring back the best memories.

A WishYoo card you give away to a family, guarantees that extra customer care all parents appreciate.

When friends and family members join a WishYoo card, it becomes a perfect collage that gathers the love of those who attended the party and the ones who could not.

Brand your cards

Leading brands and marketing agencies work with WishYoo to create customized sponsored campaigns that give advertisers a very special voice rough unique placements and elements on our cards.


Schools Class Birthdays (Free Cards) PTA-PTO fundraising personalized birthday cards Teacher appreciation day
Hospitals Patient group cards   Nurse and doctor appreciation
Charities Donation campaigns Fundraising branded cards  
Corporations Birthdays, Kudos, Retirements   Customer thank you notes